Experience the beauty of the country’s great outdoors and the thrill of backcountry exploration by riding your all-terrain vehicle this summer. If it’s your first time on a four-wheeler, it can be a bit of a challenge. Here are some notes to remember before kicking off your new adventure:

Stay Safe

This may seem like common sense, but trust us; it’s better to be extra safe with ATVs! Make sure you have the essential protective items on hand, such as a high-quality motorcycle helmet, boots, goggles, gloves, pants and a sturdy long-sleeved jacket or shirt. Want to amp up your safety gear? Choose among elbow, wrist and knee guards, chest protectors and shin pads.

Start Simple

We understand the allure of powerful machines with a wealth of customization options, but this can be unnecessary when you’re still a newbie to ATVs. A simple vehicle that isn’t difficult to control and won’t be too overpowering is perfect for those learning how to ride. It’s best to choose an ATV that has an engine between 200 cc and 400 cc, and has automatic transmission.

Make It Legal

Regulations vary between states, but you’ll most likely have to register and insure your ATV just like you would your own car. You’ll also have to pay a nominal fee and secure a permit before you explore known public trails. Here’s a tip that’ll help you save some cash: there are some government offices that offer seasonal passes, so do your research!

Protect Your ATV

ATV theft is very real, but preventable. Do your best to keep your fantastic four-wheeler hidden to prevent robbers from taking off with it. Make sure you park your ATV inside your garage, if you have one, and casually put on an unremarkable tarp. If there’s no choice but to leave it outside, take a reliable metal chain and tie your ATV to the sturdiest object in the vicinity to prevent thieves from dragging it away. Once out on the road, always park the vehicle that’s carrying the ATV next to a strong utility pole or a building so its tailgate can’t be opened.

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